• Who We Are

    Vartis Strategic Partners (VSP) is a multi-disciplinary firm offering business advisory and strategic support to Nigeria’s leading firms. Our work spans various sectors for corporate, government, NGO and political clients. At VSP, we understand the demands of our clients’ operations and their need for an independent, well organised, highly effective team to support them through a variety of complex challenges.

    Our clients entrust us to review issues, diagnose problems and implement transformation solutions. They expect the highest standards of service, discretion and personal attention. Some of our key services are listed in the ‘Our Services’ section, however this list is by no means comprehensive. The reality is our clients can request us to advise and offer strategic support in a range of areas as long as it is within our capability and legal and ethical guidelines.

  • The VSP Model

    VSP utilises a team of independent consultants on its client assignments. Unlike traditional consulting firms, we do not maintain a staff of full-time employees. Instead, we have an ever-increasing pool of independent consultants who have expertise in specific areas. So, for each client assignment, we are able to carefully select consultants with the most relevant expertise to add value to the client.

    At VSP, the breadth of experience and diversity of backgrounds of our advisers is unparalleled. Our advisers are able to offer the quality and practicality of advice they do not only because of their training and experience but also because they run their own emerging businesses. This is unique in the world of consulting and it gives them an edge over consultants at other firms who often lack key business and industry experience. VSP advisers thus have a clear understanding of the issues and challenges faced by businesses and can bring this to bear on client assignments.

    Our advisers have operated within Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. They have worked at consulting firms such as KPMG, Accenture, Deloitte as well as garnered industry experience at global firms including Goldman Sachs, General Electric, Caterpillar, Shell and several have attended prestigious educational institutions like Harvard, INSEAD, IESE, Cambridge, Warwick and Imperial College.

  • The VSP Advantage

    VSP’s corporate objective is simple yet comprehensive: to redefine the meaning of service; making every client interaction unique and refreshingly efficient. With an extensive network of contacts and an in-depth knowledge of what makes successful businesses tick, we are able to offer an unrivalled service that is guaranteed to add value to our clients

    Our services are wide-ranging but the one thing we specialise in is getting results. Whatever your request, we never compromise on quality or detail. We have the answers to many of our clients’ questions. For the questions we don’t have the answers to, we know the right places to search.

    Because we only usually work on one or two key projects at a time, our advisers are able to focus on analysing a particular client’s challenges. Also, we follow-up with our clients at every stage of a project and even when the project is ‘complete’, we pro-actively check up on our clients to ensure our solutions are helping them achieve the desired level of success.

    Every piece of advice we proffer and every solution we implement is supported by clearly measureable targets and benefits

  • Management

    Gbolahan Fagbure, Managing Director

    As the Managing Director of VSP, Gbolahan is responsible for business development, client relationship management as well as managing VSP’s network of independent consultants. Prior to establishing VSP, he worked for global banks Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Barclays. Having also gained significant experience at Top 4 advisory firm, KPMG, where he utilised cross-industry knowledge to advise governments as well as private sector clients across various industries, he has the skills and competencies to offer value-adding advisory services.

    While at Global Career Company, Gbolahan organised annual recruitment summits with over 50 multinationals in attendance. This experience of working at global multinationals and advising diverse clients has provided a firm understanding of the key strategic issues faced by businesses. His work has taken him across 4 continents and he thus has a rich network of contacts to leverage on for VSP’s clients.

    Gbolahan also runs 90 Minutes Speaker Series, a monthly programme where he interviews Nigeria’s leading business people as they share their business and life experiences with young professionals.


    University of Reading: MSc. International Management and Consulting

    University of Leicester: BA Management Studies

    University of Warwick: BSc. Industrial Economics

  • Our Services

    Some of the key services we provide include:

    - Business Plans

    - Feasibility and Market Studies

    - Strategy Articulation

    - Strategic Planning and Vision Setting

    - Government Policy Articulation

    - Business Policy Design

    - Business Process Optimisation

    - Supply Chain Planning

    - Business and Operations Analysis

    - Organisation and Performance Management

    - Organisation Design and Transformation

    - Organisation Reform

    - HR Advisory

    - CSR Advisory

    - Strategic Support

  • Case Studies

    Some of the assignments consultants now associated with VSP have previously worked on:

    Feasibility Study for Leading Biscuit Manufacturer

    We conducted a feasibility study to assist a leading Nigerian biscuit manufacturer explore diversification into the breakfast cereal segment. The feasibility study covered the following areas, amongst others:


    Analysis of the Nigerian macro environment and implications for the food and beverages sector


    Market study and analysis of the proposed product offerings (Plain and Coated Cornflakes) detailing:

    Estimates of current and potential demand within Lagos State and surrounding markets including, demand determinants and drivers, consumption levels/ sales volumes

    Pricing trends and expectations

    Key players/ competitor assessment

    Raw material requirements and sources

    Possible product design options


    Estimation of the project and other operational costs


    5-year financial projections for the business

    Some of the assignments consultants now associated with VSP have previously worked on:

    Strategy Articulation, Process Optimisation and Organisation Structure Design for Aluminium Extruder

    We assisted a leading company in the Nigerian aluminium extrusion industry review its business strategy and operations in order to increase efficiency and optimize its operational capacity. Specifically, we were required to

    -Review the internal and external business environments and distil the
    implications on its business objectives
    -Research and document a strategy document covering:

    • The overall strategic direction/ imperatives
       • Go-to-market strategies
       • Corporate strategy and corporate governance framework
       • Market assessment and analysis
       • Projected 5-year financial plans

    -Assess human resources (HR) practices with specific attention on HR retention
    and development strategies
    -Review operational processes and identify inefficiencies
    -Document standard operating procedures embedding relevant controls and key performance indicators
    -Design an organisation structure aligned to the company’s strategy and
    operating model

    Some of the assignments consultants now associated with VSP have previously worked on:

    Process Optimisation and Development of Internal Control Framework for Leading Cement Manufacturer

    In preparation for its public listing , we assisted a leading Nigerian cement manufacturer with operations across Africa identify and address gaps in its processes and operating structure. This involved:

    -A current state assessment of the company’s policies and procedures framework and operating structure
    -Development of an internal control framework for the company
    -Design, documentation and implementation of policies, procedures and internal controls for key company operations across the country
    -Assistance with the implementation of the designed policies, procedures and internal controls

    Some of the assignments consultants now associated with VSP have previously worked on:

    Technical Support for Federal Ministry to Review Sector Roadmap

    We provided technical support to a Federal Ministry pre, during and post its summit aimed at bringing together key private and public sector stakeholders to agree on critical imperatives to improve the sector. Specifically, we assisted to:

    - Conduct detailed research covering current national statistics and trends affecting the sector at the federal, state and local government levels
    -Identify key issues affecting the sector and their impact on achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)
    -Identify key issues affecting the successful implementation of current Roadmap/Strategy plans
    -Develop practical recommendations to address identified issues and ensure sustainability of Summit outputs
    -Identify key learning from benchmark countries that have successfully implemented sector improvement strategies
    -Develop the final report of the Summit outcomes for presentation to the President

    Some of the assignments consultants now associated with VSP have previously offered strategic support on:

    -Managing the VIP brand launch event for a new entrant to the Nigerian telecommunications market
    -Coordinating the election campaign for a governorship candidate
    -Organising the campaign declaration for a presidential candidate
    -Organising a 3-day joint conference for two of Africa's largest stock
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